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mobilizing members 
to protect

vulnerable children


Welcome to The Village

Perimeter Village exists to mobilize Perimeter members to serve vulnerable children at Perimeter Church


Our Heart 

is to see foster and adoptive families flourish, feel cared for, and have their needs met

Because kids belong
in families

and right now in Georgia
11,600 children
are in foster care

which leaves them vulnerable to life long, life threatening difficulties

the need is huge 
making a difference starts
with small steps


Small Sustaining

Our Village provides practical support for the foster and adoptive families at our church to help sustain them as they do the work of parenting vulnerable children


Advocacy & Education

Our Village is committed to  advocating for vulnerable children and providing education about the foster and adoption processes to our congregation. 

Our Village

needs you 

we would love for you to partner with us in the mission to see every child cared for and thriving

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